Our Services

Small Business Law

Business is hard, but we can help.

Running a business of any size can be a monumental challenge. To succeed, you need a team. Our attorneys are ready to help you understand and control the risks you face in business, protecting you from pitfalls and optimizing the performance of your operation. Whether you have a restaurant, a contracting company, or a furniture shop, our diverse experience in law and business can help you stay on the path to financial success.

Agribusiness Law

Our Partner is a Farmer, too.

Farming is a special business. Your risks are different, your financing is unique, and your business deals are unlike any other industry. Only a farmer can really understand farming. At Poulton & Noroian, we've got you covered. Our partner Nisha Noroian is a third-generation farmer who knows how your business works. She continues to manage her family's farming operation in Blythe while helping farmers and business owners with law and consulting in Arizona and California. Let us help you grow and prosper.

Business Consulting

Advice When You Need it Most

Many of the toughest choices you face as a business owner aren't legal issues, but risk-balancing decisions. Should you open a new location? Buy more equipment? Is it time to sell the business? These kinds of decisions can make or break your financial success. Running a business can feel lonely, but you don't have to go it alone. Poulton & Noroian provides advice and guidance on these major business decisions, to help keep you confidently on the path to success.

Farm Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Preserve your wealth for generations to come.

Estate planning and asset protection for farming families can be a bit different. Your financial arrangements and business needs are unlike others, so special attention may be needed to keep your assets secure. Poulton & Noroian can help ensure that your farming legacy continues long into the future.