Our Services

Medical Malpractice Litigation

When the healthcare system hurts, we help.

Today's healthcare system is a profit-driven business. Safety sometimes falls behind. While most doctors do their best, a few break the rules and hurt their patients. Hospitals don't always do their part to protect the people they are supposed to care for. Money cannot undo an injury or loss of a family member, but it is the only form of justice the legal system can provide. We work closely with medical experts to assess our clients' care and sue those who harmed them.

David v. Goliath

We play chess, not checkers.

Abusive companies take advantage of their size and power against consumers. We help level the playing field. We represent consumers and small businesses against companies like Bank of America, Banner Health, and the credit bureaus. We take legally complicated cases requiring careful strategic planning from the start. We enjoy this kind of litigation because we can make a real difference for clients who may not be able to find help elsewhere.

Science & Technology Law

We speak geek.

Technical business leads to technical legal issues. You need an attorney who understands what you do and how. At Poulton & Noroian, we have attorneys with expertise ranging from physics and electronics to automotive and agricultural technology. We apply our skills outside the law to give you the most informed legal advice possible for your technical needs.

Agriculture & Water Law

Farming is big business.

Agriculture is increasingly complicated as government regulations become more burdensome, water more scarce, and land more expensive. Poulton & Noroian can help keep your operation profitable by providing sound advice and resolving disputes. Attorney Nisha Noroian is a farmer herself, and Senior Partner Karen Poulton has years of experience in agricultural litigation.