Electrical Injuries

Your Attorney’s Knowledge is Your Power.

power lines

Electricity can seem mysterious because its presence cannot be seen and its behavior does not abide by common sense.  However, electricity does follow rules, just like every other physical phenomenon.  If you have been injured in an electrical incident, it is important that the cause be accurately determined so the people responsible can be made to repay the damage they have inflicted on you.

Investigating an electrical incident is like inspecting a crime scene.  Even minute pieces of evidence may be very important to solving the case.  It is important that you choose a legal representative who can understand the technical details of what happened and explain those facts to the insurance companies, judges, and jurors who may become involved in your case.  Whether you were injured as a result of an insidious and invisible grounding problem, or by the sudden violence of an arc flash or power line contact, your attorney needs to understand what actually happened.

Prior to his legal career, Mike Poulton was a construction superintendent and project engineer, and a physics researcher.  In the physics labs, Mike designed and built high-voltage devices and was responsible for ensuring his own safety as well as the safety of other scientists working with that equipment.  Later on as a field superintendent and project engineer on commercial construction sites, Mike enforced jobsite safety regulations and handled the electrical safety and code compliance matters for his projects.  His scientific training allows him to quickly identify the true nature of an electrical hazard and assess how an incident occurred, cutting through confusion and challenging opposing experts.

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